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     Whether your passion is hunting, fishing, clay shooting, photography, scuba diving, archery, or collectables, TruckVault products deliver absolute in-vehicle security. Valuables remain out-of-sight to would-be thieves and protected behind steel dead bolt locking systems to rebuff even hardened criminals.



     With products to fit every vehicle type, A TruckVault adds function, organization and security that maximize usable space. Product configurations anticipate every need, and because TruckVaults are crafted one at a time, custom additions are welcomed.


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     TruckVault protection goes far beyond theft prevention. Construction materials do no promote condensation, eliminating moisture damage to metal finishes, electronics and optics. Stored securely, dust and dirt contamination is eliminated.


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     From the driveway, through every stop in your travels, TruckVault elevates vehicle performance towards every passion. Complete peace-of-mind and total organization ensures every excursion is a pleasurable one.



TruckVault Product Overview



Products for Pickup

     TruckVaults for pickups retain the wide-open accessibility and large item carrying capacity while providing an exponential increase in function. With your gear securely stored, load up to 2000 pounds on top. Choose from the Standard Series for pickups with canopies, or the Extreme Series for full weatherproof and waterproof protection. In either case, travel knowing that you don’t have to unload every bit of cargo to leave your vehicle in a lot while fishing, hunting, staying in a hotel, or parked at your home.


Products for Sedans

     Placing your gear out-of-sight in the truck is good start. Adding a TrunkVault takes security and peace-of-mind to the maximum extent. Imagine the comfort knowing your firearms, ammunition, camera gear and other valuable are secure as they can possibly be from thieves and inquisitive children.


Products for SUV’s and Van

     You purchased your rig for its spaciousness, confidence on the road and ability to cover the ground you need to travel. Loaded with gear, two problems arise. The first is that those big windows leave everything exposed and available to criminals. The second is that now that it’s loaded, accessing what you need becomes laborious. TruckVaults solve both issues. Valuables are secured and the load is organized for easy retrieval of key items. Our model selection adds only what you need, with room for bulk items on top.




Key Benefits

Protection from Theft

Every TruckVault is backed by over a decade of field-tested performance.

Protection from Condensation

Unique materials actively prevent condensation to protect sensitive equipment and finishes from irreparable harm.

Protection from Fire

The proven leader in fire protection, TruckVault insulates sensitive equipment from heat, shielding stored items from damage.

Protection from Dust and Dirt

Drawer faces shut tight, protecting your gear from environmental hazards.

Custom Service

From our wide range of base products with exceptional fit, we’ll happily custom fabricate to your precise needs.