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The official BUCKSTOP bumper Better Business Burear Reliability Program      BUCKSTOP™ Truckware was inspired in the winter of 1994 high up in the mountains of Oregon, way down at the bottom of a logging landing, with three feet of snow accumulation and nightfall coming on quickly.



grill guards



     At the time, it was a four-cylinder Toyota pickup and a Nissan pickup, a bunch of guys and gals, and a steep climb out. Going down the curvy road to the bottom of the landing seemed easy enough. "Come on down - it's no problem!" (famous last words).


     But climbing out proved impossible for the next several hours. By then the darkness had come on strong, along with a ton more snow. (Its about that time when that eerie feeling creeps over you and you know "This is for real!" You've been there....)


     Finally, with enough people in the bed of the truck and a couple hanging out on the front bumper adding a little bounce, the climb was conquered and a memory was written.


grill guards



      Of course, the next step was to get a winch and winch bumper (what are Mondays for anyway?). The market for Toyotas was quite thin at the time, so two enterprising engineers set out to make a Toyota winch bumper. The result was excellent and an idea was born.


     Through years of extensive work in the manufacturing industry, the idea kept perculating. Drawing on years of experience in heavy equipment design, heavy fabrication, and business management, BUCKSTOP™ Truckware was born.


     The founders, engineers degreed in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, have put together a winning package balancing high-quality, consistent products, the aesthetic requirements of smooth-lined new trucks, on-time delivery, and easy installation. The result is a bumper that will serve its owner well for years to come.


     Behind the design team are large-scale fabrication facilities making components for companies world wide.


      Most importantly, BUCKSTOP™ is what you want in a company - a company that simply does things right, treats people right, and keeps business easy and fun - the way it should be.



grill guards  grill guards